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Is Your Contractor Investing in its Staff?

posted 09/10/2019 - 11:04

Lack of investment plagues the contract cleaning industry. Many contractors are locked into a cycle of low pay and low expectations, combined with poor training and equipment, resulting in poor productivity and at best mediocre service. Lack of investment is clearly a false economy; if your contractor neglects the care of their own staff, they in turn will neglect the cleaning of your building.

High expectations

The other side of the coin, though harder to find, is a contractor that pays a fair wage, has high expectations of its staff that are realised through the provision of good training and equipment, resulting in high productivity and excellent service. A culture that promotes the highest level of service from staff, equipping them with the latest machinery and the best materials will result in a culture of quality that is ingrained from top to bottom.


When choosing your contractor look for their attitude to the recruitment and retention of high calibre individuals. Staff should be fairly paid, intelligent, well trained and given the best tools to do their job. They should be given the appropriate time and conditions to complete their work, giving them everything they need to do the job well, including the desire to do so. Ideally they will have a programme that incentivises staff to achieve career progression, with a bonus scheme directly linked to performance. Correctly applied these measures will have a dramatic effect on attendance, retention rate and above all, quality standards.

As a result, you should benefit from cleaning professionals who take genuine pride in their work, who demonstrate initiative and flexibility, and actively seek opportunities to excel.

About TemcoUK Facility Services

Since 2001 Temco has been operating in the UK in a wide range of environments, from servicing the meticulous demands of medical clean rooms to daily office cleaning in commercial and industrial environments in both private and public sectors.

Combining professional standards with flexible management structures, the company prides itself on offering consistently high results alongside outstanding client service.  Based in west London, TemcoUK Facility Services employs over 450 staff with a turnover in excess of £5m.


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