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TemcoUK – Brexit Ready

posted 16/04/2019 - 11:38

Every well run business is doing its best to plan for the ramifications of Brexit, but of course the ongoing uncertainty is doing nobody any favours. This impacts a business like TemcoUK at a strategic level of course, but the cost to individual members of staff is also significant.

Buildings will still need to be cleaned post Brexit, but with over 50% of staff originating from EU areas, TemcoUK has been planning for some time to ensure robust contingencies are in place.

“We continue to risk assess all our contracts to check their sustainability.” explains Andrew Philpot, Managing Director of TemcoUK. “It looks like the EU Settlement Scheme will allow our current staff to stay in the UK, but the problems are going to come when they need to be replaced for one reason or another. We will be reinforcing our position as an employer of choice, so that the depleting pool of staff in the UK will be more inclined to come and work for us. Companies whose business model is based on low rates will struggle.”

Positive aspects

TemcoUK sees positive aspects to Brexit in that it has already made them focus even more on efficiencies that can be generated by staff training and use of the latest equipment, including robots, which have already been implemented in some key sites. As always, TemcoUK moves inexorably towards smarter working methodologies driven by nurturing staff talent and applying new technologies. This will facilitate what can be described as Agile Cleaning, by cleaning more selectively using technology to identify areas in need of attention whilst circumventing unnecessary attention to other areas.

“Technology continues to develop so there are always opportunities to work smarter,” says Andrew.

Cost to individuals

He is saddened by the impact on individuals though. They are all feeling less welcome in the UK, and the uncertainty is generating many difficulties. This is no better demonstrated than by considering the fate of a European manager who he describes as ‘hardworking, positive, reliable and with a very strong work ethic’.

The lack of clarity makes it very difficult for her to plan for her family and this affects all aspects of life, including for example renting property.  Over time this may progress to thoughts about going home - something we want to avoid as she would be a big loss to TemcoUK and this country.”

Nevertheless TemcoUK can describe itself as ‘Brexit ready’, having considered all the possibilities, from potential staff shortages to the supply of consumables.

About TemcoUK Facility Services

Since 2001 Temco has been operating in the UK in a wide range of environments, from servicing the meticulous demands of medical clean rooms to daily office cleaning in commercial and industrial environments in both private and public sectors.

Combining professional standards with flexible management structures, the company prides itself on offering consistently high results alongside outstanding client service.  Based in west London, TemcoUK Facility Services employs over 450 staff with a turnover in excess of £5m.


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