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Starting Off on the Right Foot

posted 05/02/2019 - 11:30

The skill with which a contract is mobilised can seriously impact on the delivery through the full term. Get it right and you will have the ability to maintain and improve on high standards and will gain the staff goodwill necessary to provide exceptional service levels. Get it wrong and you will have no benchmarks and a potentially uncooperative staff.

Caring about staff

Care in handling staff inherited under TUPE is essential. The award of a new contract is inevitably going to be perceived as a time when change is likely to occur, so the new contractor has a one time opportunity to implement change as effectively as possible, with the chance to update routines and introduce new equipment and chemicals. Good communication is essential during this process as it is important that staff understand both the reason for change and the process of change.

“Understandably, people don’t like change, but they do appreciate honesty,” points out Andrew Philpot, TemcoUK Facility Services’ Managing Director, “But we find that if we are straight down the line and explain reasons for actions, they show resilience and flexibility. The biggest mistake a contractor can make at this point is to carry the contract on for a few weeks as it was and then make changes out of the blue.”

Controlling the process

Understanding and controlling every aspect of the contract is key. Three principle issues underpin this requirement:

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Quality Management (QM)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The SLA must reflect the specification, defining everything from the frequency of managerial visits and inspections to accident investigation, taking every building’s unique requirements into account. Without these essential foundations your contractor will be free to define the contract as he sees it, not as you want it, with undesirable results. With them you can have full confidence that the service you need is the service that will be delivered.

Good QM will provide the objective physical checks to calculate the agreed statistical quality levels over the life of the contract. The ideal QM tool will help contract managers assess quality, create and record quality scores and generate reports for management to review quality performance with painstaking attention to detail.

KPIs will ensure that every aspect of the contract is monitored, managed and kept under constant review to identify both actual performance and service improvements. It will track and assess events under the precise terms of the Service Level Agreement.

About TemcoUK Facility Services

Since 2001 Temco has been operating in the UK in a wide range of environments, from servicing the meticulous demands of medical clean rooms to daily office cleaning in commercial and industrial environments in both private and public sectors.

Combining professional standards with flexible management structures, the company prides itself on offering consistently high results alongside outstanding client service.  Based in west London, TemcoUK Facility Services employs over 450 staff with a turnover in excess of £5m.


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