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Cleaning Without Chemicals

posted 21/11/2018 - 12:22

Using ionised water it is possible to clean without the aid of chemicals. This is highly desirable for both environmental and financial reasons, avoiding the production, use, disposal and expense of harsh chemicals.

Ionised water has been used in food processing since the 1980s and has replaced chlorine in Olympic pools since 1984. To produce it tap water is transformed, with the help of 4500 volts of electricity, to h3o by adding an extra oxygen molecule. It smells of ozone – fresh rain. The instability of h30 makes it neutralise germs and bacteria when used as cleaner, but it also makes it revert to h20 in around six hours so fresh supplies are always required.

One bottle

Cleaners carry just one bottle to clean many surfaces and materials, from table tops to urinals to waste bins, ionised water being particularly effective in the modern office where it leaves no smears on glass and steel. Surfaces can just be sprayed and left – there is no need to wipe down. Cleaning time is significantly reduced as a result, and staff are saved the health hazards of chemical spillage and fumes, whilst those with allergies are very unlikely to have a reaction.

Not a panacea

TemcoUK Facility Services has been trialing the system.

 “So far we are very impressed,” says Andrew Philpot, Managing Director, “There are downsides in that the upfront costs are higher than using chemicals, and consumables such as cartridges and canisters have to be taken into account. Of course ionised water is not a panacea; cleaners still need specialist cleaning products for carpets and degreasing, and it cannot remove lime scale, but it still makes sense financially and environmentally.”

“At TemcoUK we like to find a solution tailored to the client so are constantly looking at new systems and techniques which add real value. To enable us offer clients options which reflect their corporate requirements several innovations are currently under consideration, using both new chemical dilution systems and chemical free alternatives.”

About TemcoUK Facility Services

Since 2001 Temco has been operating in the UK in a wide range of environments, from servicing the meticulous demands of medical clean rooms to daily office cleaning in commercial and industrial environments in both private and public sectors.

Combining professional standards with flexible management structures, the company prides itself on offering consistently high results alongside outstanding client service.  Based in west London, TemcoUK Facility Services employs over 450 staff with a turnover in excess of £5m.


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